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The Mousetrap

People Check In...

Still hurting from when he got shot, Johan decided to go see what Faye needed help with. It was never a good sign when Faye asked for help, but she’s helped him and the Order a few times already. Still, he wondered how much he could do with his arm in a sling.

Walking to Faye’s Apartment, he found Penny outside staring at the building. While the child is quite annoying/odd/childish, this doesn’t look good. thought Johan. They proceeded to head into the building to find what was going on.

As the two walked up the third of five flights of steps, a horn honking a strange melody beeped outside. A small Prius was being honked at by a large silver van. Doors slammed as El Toro went to go see why this tiny car had stopped in the middle of the street. He began cursing until he arrived at the window and found Smythe in the back seat, accompanied by Alice and Jazz. El Toro asked what Sir Smythe was doing and said that he was called by Faye to help investigate something. With a similar reason, El Toro thought they should go park and see what the SeƱorita Patton wants.

Upstairs, Penny and Johan came across something they never expected to find… An open door. Faye was not the type to leave her door open, ever. The series of deadbolts and magical wards placed on the door showed how much she cared about security. Penny tried to peer her mind in but did not sense anybody. Johan pushed the door open as 4 other people arrived, each wondering who the other was at Faye’s door.

After some prompt introductions, Johan opened the door and braced for whatever might end up hurting him. He was thankful it was nothing, but the place was a mess. Whether it was because someone had come in and ransacked the place or if Faye was a generally messy person, no one could really tell. El Toro went to the place he had always seen Faye at when he requested help, her computer. Unfortunately… he was not so good with computers, but could at least read all the Post It Notes surrounding the monitor. As the group looked on in the notes, they got the sense that Faye was onto something big, and was looking into it by herself. That’s probably why they were all called. The group split the notes up between them and tried to find more information.

Johan and El Toro went to the library a few blocks down from Faye’s. When they arrived, they turned to the librarian to try and get some information. El Toro told Johan to wait as he handled this. After a bit of flirting, El Toro was able to get the books that Faye was looking into. As El Toro was not good with the english language, he decided to let Johan look over them. Johan found some interesting information regarding telekinetic demons and their abilities. He went outside for a moment and called his mentor for help, he was able to confirm for sure the abilities of the demons. Upon returning inside the library he found El Toro coming back from the bathroom area… followed a moment later by the librarian.

Alice and Smythe followed the post it that lead to the Medical Examiner’s office. Smythe knew the Chief Examiner and thought he would be able to get in easily and ask questions, unfortunately he wasn’t around. Instead, they were met with Olivia. Smythe had had some interaction with her before and was prepared just in case they met. A pack of cigarettes outside let Alice search the office. A password barely concealed by the computer let her access it and find the files she needed. It seems that the most recent corpse was horribly mutilated as if it was crushed repeatedly by a large downward force.

Jazz and Penny had never met before so it made an odd pairing. The oddest sentence to write so far is that a 12 year old and a master thief took the bus to the police station. As they entered, Jazz found his friend, Gilbert Stroppe, and began giving the cop the third degree. It seems Faye was here recently regarding a corpse found at 195 Park Tree Grove Lane. After buying some runts for Penny, the two were picked up by El Toro and headed to the location of the last note on Faye’s computer, the Rosswell Reader.

When the 6 arrived at an apartment building that looked like an even more rundown building than Faye’s, if that was even possible, they found a call box with the name Bertram Byers crossed out and replaced by Rosswell Reader. After a failed attempt at recognition by El Toro, the men headed to the Starbucks across the street and let the girls handle this one. Bertram was able to provide the group with a little more information about a small cult worshiping a Being of Light in the area.

Now that the group felt like they had everything they needed, they loaded up, got another espresso to go, called up the Johan’s interns and headed to find Faye.

As they arrived at the house of the recent death, Johan and his interns cast a spell to see what happened to the corpse. Looking back in time, he was able to see a salesman going door to door. Arriving at this house, he rang the doorbell and proceeded to get chewed up and spat out by the porch. Undeterred by this, El Toro decided that the most straight forward way was the best way. As he began walking forward, Penny mentally tied his shoes together and caused him to fall on a “mud pie”. Johan convinced El Toro that it would probably be best to go in through the back. El Toro reluctantly agreed.

Still throwing caution to the wind, El Toro opens the back door and proclaims his presence to no answer. As the group walks in, they suddenly feel the world shift. Suddenly, the floor is the ceiling and vice versa. As the group looked out the window to see the world still right-side up, they realized they were in no ordinary house. The group split up to try and find Faye in this strange house.

In a room with a lovely fireplace and a very old fashioned TV, Alice and Johan’s Interns looked around. As they searched, a growl was heard. Suddenly the TV was attacking Jeremiah. Alice, ready for anything, took out her hand cannon and blasted the thing to pieces.

Johan went to the basement where he found a strange room where his arm began to feel a lot better ever since it was shot by Sarah McEleyn.

Smythe found himself in the dining room, a wonderful turkey dinner prepared.for an empty house. It was then the turkey stood up. Knowing a Poultrygeist when he saw one, Smythe attempted to quickly dispatch it with some telekinetic silverware. The turkey a bit faster than expected grabbed a knife and charged Smythe. Not wanting to be outdone, Smythe took out his own sword and carved up his own Thanksgiving dinner.

It seemed as the group traversed throughout the house, the rooms shifted around. Stepping in between rooms caused the shift. Not wanting to be a victim to the house’s shenanigans, El Toro leaped out the nearest window. As he looked back at the house from the outside, he could not see the damage he had done to the house, or his friends inside.

The rest of the group gathered and made their way to the attic, where things where getting very weird. As they entered, random boxes were flung about the room and in the midst of it all, Faye, glowing with power.

The acolytes of the Order began chanting to banish whatever was in this room. In the midst of their spell, Faye’s eyes glowed less and a request for help could have been heard. Alice took the most practical approach and got close, pistol whipping Faye in the back of the head, long enough for the Order to finish their magic. The light glowed brighter and moved out of her. Suddenly the house took on a decrepit form, as if some magic was making it look new.

“Guys, I think something big is going down.”


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