Sir Walter Smythe, Esqure

The Expert


Lvl 1
Charm: 0
Cool: +1
Sharp: +2
Tough: -1
Weird: +1
0/7 Luck Used

Silver sword (2-harm hand messy silver)
Magical dagger (2-harm hand magic)
Flamethrower (3-harm close fire heavy volatile)

The Woman (or Man) With The Plan: At the
beginning of each mystery, roll Sharp. On a 10
hold 2, on a 7-9 hold 1. Spend the hold to be where
you need to be, prepared and ready. On a miss, the
Keeper holds 1 they can spend to put you in the
worst place, unprepared and unready.

Dark Past: If you trawl through your memories for
something relevant to the case at hand, roll Weird.
On a 10
ask the Keeper two questions from the list
below. On a 7-9 ask one. On a miss, you can ask a
question anyway but that will mean you were personally
complicit in creating the situation you are
now dealing with. The questions are:
• When I dealt with this creature (or one of its kind),
what did I learn?
• What black magic do I know that could help here?
• Do I know anyone who might be behind this?
• Who do I know who can help us right now?

Lore Library. When you hit the books, take +1
forward to investigate the mystery (as long as historical
or reference works are appropriate).

Workshop. You have a space for building and repairing
guns, cars and other gadgets. Work out with the
Keeper how long any repair or construction will take,
and if you need extra supplies or help.

Magical Laboratory. You have a mystical lab with
all kinds of weird ingredients and tools useful for
casting spells (like the use magic move, big magic,
and any other magical moves).


“There are known knowns, and known unknowns, and unknown knowns, and unknown unknowns. And I know them all!” as paid for by the law offices of Smythe

You wouldn’t expect the well dressed erudite standing in front of you to be from a small mining town where education was next to last in priorities, right after tea, crumpets, and a whatever the ‘Big City’ folk were into.

But Walter was different, and he knew that. First though, he had to get out of that small town, and the best way he found, was knowledge. After reading all the books in the local library before he started high school (admittedly there were only 437), he began to teach his teachers on the inaccuracies of their text books, their grammar, and their fashion sense. The community decided to do whatever it took to get this boy the education he deserved (and to get him as far away from them as possible).

After graduating high school at 16, his next target was State College. Admittedly a little more different than the education he was used to, he was able to get his degree in 3 years and saw that the best place for someone with a mind that could recall many frivolous and inane pieces of information was the Law. It only took 2 years to obtain his license and start his own firm.

While slow going at first, his firm grew and grew (as did his car collection). He took on all the cases he could, but eventually his intellect grew bored of it all. That was, until the case of the Self Strangulating Magician.

That case began a new chapter of Walter’s life. One that led to fighting the forces of the unknown. One that led to studies of things man was not meant to know. One that would get him knighted by the Queen. But those are stories for a different day.

Sir Walter Smythe, Esqure

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