Shadow Arc

The Spell-Slinger


Lvl 2
1/7 Luck Used

Ritual knife (1-harm hand)
Staff Focus

Arcane Reputation: Pick three big organizations or
groups in the supernatural community, which can
include some of the more sociable types of monsters.
They’ve heard of you and respect your power. With
affected humans, take +1 forward when you manipulate
them. You may manipulate affected monsters
as if they were human, with no bonus.

Could’ve Been Worse: When you miss a use magic
roll you can choose one of the following options
instead of losing control of the magic:
• Fizzle: The preparations and materials for the
spell are ruined. You’ll have to start over from
scratch with the prep time doubled.
• This Is Gonna Suck: The effect happens, but
you trigger all of the listed glitches but one. You
pick the one you avoid

Not My Fault: +1 to act under pressure when you
are dealing with the consequences of your own spellcasting.


Not many know his real name.
Not many know what he really does.
In fact, if you saw him on the street, you’d just assume he’s some nerdy goth kid who may have watched Harry Potter a few too many times.

But those in the know know. Having a considerable amount of power in the Necrotic Arts, Shadow Arc is the guy to go to when your loved one recently passed, when you’re being followed by the spirits of voodoo, or when you need the biggest, baddest lightning slinger this side of neverwhere.

You can usually find him hiding from a certain secret society who he may have received training from and promptly ran away from. He still hangs with Johan when he’s not just chilling eating pizza and catching the best lucha on a station that people don’t normally receive.

Shadow Arc

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