Johan L'Equip

The Initiate


Lvl 5
Charm: -1
Cool: +1
Sharp: 0
Tough: +2
Weird: +3
2/7 Luck Used

Sword (2-harm hand messy)
Silver knife (1-harm hand silver)
Crossbow (2-harm close slow)

-Ancient Fighting Arts: When using an old-fashioned hand weapon, you inflict +1 harm and get +1 whenever you roll protect someone.

-Mystic: Every time you successfully use magic, take +1 forward.

-Sacred Oath: You may bind yourself to a single goal, forsaking something during your quest (e.g. speech, all sustenance but bread and water, alcohol, lying, sex, etc). Get the Keeper’s agreement on this—it should match the goal in importance and difficulty. While you keep your oath and work towards your goal, mark experience at the end of every session
and get +1 on any rolls that directly help achieve the goal. If you break the oath, take -1 ongoing until you have atoned.

-Mentor: You have a mentor in the Sect: name them. When you contact your mentor for info, roll Sharp. On a 10, you get an answer to your question, no problem. On a 7-9 you choose: they’re either busy and can’t help, or they answer the question but you owe a favour. On a miss, your question causes trouble.

Advanced Moves:
Mark two of the basic moves as advanced.


Johan is part of a Sacred Order that deals with the mystical and unnatural things that threaten human life.
The only problem is… they’re a little strict and old fashioned about things… Such as the ridiculous ceremonial garb he has to wear in public, somewhat large on his thin body. The crossbow he’s forced to use that never seems to want to hit something. Oh, and everyone has to use a ridiculous french name that starts with J. It makes Johan wonder why he does it.

Is it for his mentor who he calls for help who seems to be constantly on vacation?
Is it for the respect of the young acolytes he attempts to train?
Is it summoning the undead and using amazing and mystical magics against normal people with his friend Shadow Arc?
Is it for trying to get near Erra, the being from a higher plane whom he thought something was going to happen but she treats him like dirt.

yeah… its probably the last one.

Johan L'Equip

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