Jazz Saxx

The Crooked


Lvl 1
Charm: -1
Cool: +1
Sharp: +1
Tough: +2
Wierd: +0

Burglar. When you break into a secure location,
roll Sharp. On a 10 pick three, on a 7-9 pick two:
you get in undetected, you get out undetected, you
don’t leave a mess, you find what you were after.

Artifact: You ‘found’ a magical artifact with handy
powers, and kept it. Pick one: Protective amulet
(1-armour magic recharge), Lucky charm (may be
used as a Luck point, once only), Grimoire (studying
the book gives +1 forward to use magic), Skeleton
key (opens any magically sealed lock), Imp stone (A
weak demon is bound to serve the holder. The imp
must be summoned with the use magic move).

Friends on the Force: You know a few cops who
can be persuaded to look the other way, or do you
a favour, for certain considerations. You can act
under pressure to get in touch with them when you
need to divert any law enforcement attention. There
will be a cost, although maybe not right now.

.38 revolver (2-harm close reload loud)
Big knife (1-harm hand)
Assault rifle (3-harm close/far auto)


“Who the hell is Jazz Saxx?” can be heard on the ears of the normals. But those in the know know, when you need something, there’s almost no one better than Jazz to get it for you.

At first, it was just a game. The man has skills that he puts to great use and can get into wherever he damn well pleases. The fact that he asked to be incarcerated at the local precinct just to break out is a testament to his prowess (and then to charge the jail a consulting fee to show exactly what he did shows a bit of business acumen) and earned him some odd friends on the force.

Then the mysterious “El Chupacabra” stole his thunder by doing this at the State Penitentiary. Really, who does that guy think he is. And there was the time that he was tasked on grabbing a rare baseball card from a vault only to find El Chupacabra had left a note where the card should have been. Seriously, who does that? And what kind of name is El Chupacabra?!
The final straw was when he was framed for a crime HE DIDN’T EVEN PLAN ON DOING!

It’s a good thing his cousin is a pretty good lawyer. In fact, this El Chupacabra fellow probably doesn’t even know about all the things that are out there. His Imp Stone will surely come in handy if he ever meets this guy.

Jazz Saxx

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