Erra the God Killer

The Divine


Lvl 2
0/7 luck used

Silver trident (3-harm hand silver holy)
Divine Armour (1-armour holy)

Angel Wings: You can go instantly to anywhere
you’ve visited before, or to a person you know well.
When you carry one or two people with you, roll
Weird. On a 10 you all go where you wanted. On
a 7-9, you don’t quite manage it. Either you are all
separated, or you all appear in the wrong place.

What I Need, When I Need It: You may store any
small object you own, putting it into a magical space
nobody can get to. You may retrieve anything you
stored at any time; it appears in your hand.

Soothe: When you talk to someone for a few
seconds in a quiet voice, you can calm them down,
blocking any panic, anger, or other negative emotions
they have. This works even if the thing that
freaked them out is still present, as long as your
voice can be heard.

Lay On Hands: Your touch can heal injury and
disease. When you lay your hands on someone
hurt, roll Cool. On a 10, heal 2 harm or an illness,
plus they’re stabilized. On a 7-9, you can heal the
harm or illness as on a 10+, but you take it into yourself.
On a miss, your aura causes them extra harm


“Faye, what is ____?”

You’d think someone who supposedly has lived over a few hundred years and has watched over humanity would understand some sort of basic level of knowledge, but Erra does not seem to mind about the little details, unless it gets her closer to her Adversary.

She has come to defeat him. It’s all she really talks about. You’d think Faye or Penny would get tired of it, but Faye is too paranoid not to head warnings and Penny has the attention span of.. .well a 12 year old.

But look into Erra’s glowing eyes and you will see both a hunger for battle, a power divine, and a secret about the true reason she is here…

Erra the God Killer

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