Alice Fishwater

The Wronged


Lvl 1
Charm: 0
Cool: +1
Sharp: -1
Tough: +2
Weird: +1

0/7 Luck Used

Hand cannon (3-harm close loud)
9mm (2-harm close loud)
Big knife (1-harm hand)

I Know My Prey: You get +1 ongoing when knowingly
investigating, pursuing or fighting the breed of
monster that caused your loss

Berserk: No matter how much harm you take, you
can always keep going until the current fight is over.
During a fight, the Keeper may not use harm moves
on you and you cannot die. When the fight ends, all
harm takes effect as normal.

Tools Matter: With your signature weapon (see
your gear, below), you get +1 to kick some ass.


“I should have never gone to Charlotte” she mutters angrily.

That’s when it started. That was when her life was upended.

Alice was just a normal, productive member of society. She went to college, got her degree, joined a company, and became a Financial Analyst. She was happily married to Robert, a man that was her equal in all regards, and they had the standard 2.5 kids (Jane, Phillip, and their dog Winston). She drove her Prius to work because she cared about the environment. She was the pinnacle of normal happiness.

That is… until she went to a conference in Charlotte.

It wasn’t the conference itself that changed her, it was the three days she spent away from her loving family that did her in. She hadn’t checked in at home because there was no reason to. Everything was perfect. She just got a promotion and wanted to surprise her husband.

When she arrived at her house, something had changed. She opened the door to find another woman in her house, playing house with her kids. This woman was more beautiful than she could imagine… eerily so. Her kids looked at her strangely as the woman kept a pleasant smile on her face. Her precious little girl asked this strange woman, “Mommy, who’s that?”
“Jane? It’s me. Mommy.” Alice looked at her child. As she looked at the little cherub, she couldn’t see a hint of mirth that this was all a joke.
Jane hid behind the strange woman. “Mommy, she’s scaring me.”

“I don’t know who you are, but please get out of my house.” said the strange woman with a voice as pleasant as breakfast in bed.
“Terri, who is it?”. Good. Phillip. Maybe he knows whats going on. Wait… who’s Terri?
“I don’t know dear, is she someone you know?”
Phillip looked Alice over and the look on his face told Alice everything. He didn’t know. He seriously didn’t know.
“Listen, we’re good with magazine subscriptions. I apologize, but could I ask you to leave?” said Phillip.
Alice stared at the strange woman. She stared back, and grinned, showing achingly beautiful teeth. This woman did something, and they both knew it. An unearthly glimmer appeared in the strange woman’s eyes and the irises stretched like a cats, but horizontally.
“I suggest you leave, Alice.”
Oh, is that how it is, thought Alice. And with that she turned and left for her Prius.

They say the opposite of love, is hate. But that’s untrue. The opposite of both is Apathy. That… thing, Terri, whatever she is, turned her family against her. Well, sucks for her.
Alice is going to show how much she loves her family, by showing Terri how much she hates that bitch.

Her family is going to love her again. Alice was going to make damn well sure of it.

Alice Fishwater

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